COVID-19 & Portugal Measures

COVID-19 & Portugal Measures


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Preventive steps and reducing risk of transmission: For residents and those travellers returning to Portugal from the affected areas, who show symptoms suggestive of respiratory illness, during or after the trip, before attending a health clinic, they should call 808 24 24 24 (SNS24), informing them about their health condition and health history. following the guidelines that may be indicated

Should all suspected infections be tested?:        People with a suspected infection, that is, who have symptoms such as fever, persistent cough or aggravated chronic cough, and difficulty breathing, should be tested. Those with the presence of these symptoms, people should call the free telephone line SNS 24 (808 24 24 24), which will refer cases. Try calling the SNS 24 line 808 24 24 24 OPTION 9 for English (the first option you hear)


Face coverings are required, with the risk of substantial fines for non-compliance, in essentially all situations where people will gather in any numbers inside a building or on public transport.  This includes all shops and any public transport, plus all government/official buildings.  You are advised to carry a face covering with you at all times.


Restaurants and similar: Customers may enter establishments up to midnight, but all establishments must close at 01:00

Bars and nightclubs: These may open but only as cafés and pastelarias, with the same restrictions as all cafés. Dance floors may not be used for that purpose, but may have tables and chairs for additional seating and bars can use outside areas as open-air extensions. Customers may enter establishments up to midnight, but all establishments must close at 01:00. However, in the Lisbon Metropolitan area they must close at 8pm.


Individual sports, such as golf and tennis, are playable, but changing rooms/shower facilities remain shut.


Use of beach –           physical distance of 1.5m between users (who are not part of the same group); 3m spacing between sun umbrellas; no sports activities for 2 or more people (except nautical activities, surf lessons and similar activities) According to the Directorate-General for Health, neither sea water nor properly treated pool water is a vehicle for transmitting viruses.

Awnings and tents – as a rule, each person or group can only rent in the morning (until 1:30 pm) or afternoon (after 2 pm); 3m spacing between awnings and stems; 1.5m spacing between the limits of the tents; Maximum of 5 people per awning or tent.

Occupancy status – announced through signs: green – low occupancy (1/3); yellow – high occupancy (2/3); red – full occupancy (3/3); information updated continuously, in real time, via the ‘Info beach’ app and on the APA (Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente) website; parking is prohibited outside parks and designated parking areas.  You may find there are ‘traffic lights’ at beach entrances to indicate how full the beach is.

Circulation rules – one-way traffic with physical distance of 1.50m; indicated by circulation corridors, parallel and perpendicular to the coastline.

Beach bars, restaurants and terraces – regular cleaning of spaces (minimum: 4 daily cleanings); limit of capacity; reorganisation of terraces to ensure safe distance.

Equipment – the use of ‘gaivotas’ (pedal boats), slides or indoor showers is prohibited; outdoor showers, sunbeds, mattresses or beach ashtrays must be cleaned daily or whenever the user changes.

General duties of beach users – avoid access to areas with high or full occupation; proceed with the regular disinfection of hands and mandatorily on arrival at the beach; ensure the physical safety distance when using the beach and when swimming; proceed with regular disinfecting of the hands and mandatorily on arrival at the beach. (This also includes returning to the beach from any beach bar when open

Apps: There are two mobile phone apps for beaches ‘InfoPraia’, and ‘Posso ir’, which ce be used to check the beach capacity. The ‘Posso ir‘ (Can I go?) app also includes the locations and occupancy levels of supermarkets, pharmacies and restaurants near you.