COVID-19 & Testing Information

COVID-19 & Testing Information


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For the latest updates and situation on COVID-19 preventative measures and regulations in Portugal please click here to be taken to the Visit Portugal website (in English) which details the most up to date situation with the latest measures and regulations which may be in place at the time of your visit.

For details on where to locate required PCR-RT and antigen tests please visit the Visit Portugal site here

Administratively Portugal is divided in to 308 ‘Municipalities’ and it is possible that COVID-19 prevention measures may be changed by the Government from time to time, this tends to be done by defining the Municipality areas concerned.  Both Villa Quina and Villa Susana are in the SILVES Municipality area. Portugal’s deconfinement plan consists of 4 stages, and most areas are now in stage 4 – reviews are conducted to assess the rate of infection by municipality area and if there are concerns, the government take local action either to confine an outbreak, or reimpose stricter measures as per any of the four stages listed below.

In the Algarve region, generally all businesses are now able to open under stage 4. Please see the list below for the details of the activities permitted at each stage.

Both Villa Quina and Villa Susana hold the ‘Clean and Safe’ mark from the Portuguese Tourist Authority.


Preventive steps and reducing risk of transmission: For residents and those travellers returning to Portugal from the affected areas, who show symptoms suggestive of respiratory illness, during or after the trip, before attending a health clinic, they should call 808 24 24 24 (SNS24), informing them about their health condition and health history. following the guidelines that may be indicated

Should all suspected infections be tested?:        People with a suspected infection, that is, who have symptoms such as fever, persistent cough or aggravated chronic cough, and difficulty breathing, should be tested. Those with the presence of these symptoms, people should call the free telephone line SNS 24 (808 24 24 24), which will refer cases. Try calling the SNS 24 line 808 24 24 24 OPTION 9 for English (the first option you hear)

FACE COVERING (‘máscara’)

Face coverings are required, with the risk of substantial fines for non-compliance, in essentially all situations where people will gather in any numbers inside a building or on public transport and also outdoors when social distancing can´t be secured, for examples in shopping areas   Internal use includes all shops and any public transport, plus all government/official buildings.  You are advised to carry a face covering with you at all times.  You very, very rarely see any person in a public area without a mask on in Portugal.  Medical exemption from wearing a mask is not common in Portugal, please check with a local medical practitioner for Portuguese regulation in this regard.

  • 1st Phase
    – Opening of commercial establishments until 9:00 pm on working days and until 1:00 pm on weekends and public holidays, for home delivery, door-to-door delivery of goods or collection of products purchased by means of remote communication (click and collect);
    – Food stores open until 9 p.m. on working days and until 7 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays;
    – The sale of take-away drinks is allowed in restaurants and similar establishments, but the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m;
    – Fairs and food markets are allowed, with the authorization of the city council;
    – Opening of bookstores, libraries and archives;
    – Opening of parks, gardens, green spaces and leisure areas;
    – The time restriction is not applicable to accommodation units, local accommodation, rent-a-car and establishments located inside airports after the passenger security check.
    – In hotel bars and restaurants, operation is permitted for the purpose of room-service or take-away.
    Portuguese citizens are allowed to travel outside the mainland, by road, rail, air, river or sea.
  • 2nd Phase
    Restrictions implemented on 5 April, but maintained from 14 to 30 May in the municipalities of Resende and Odemira (São Teotónio parish)
    – Opening of museums, monuments, palaces, art galleries and similar;
    – Opening of shops up to 200 m2 with a door to the street;
    – Non-food fairs and markets allowed upon municipal decision;
    – Opening of terraces (groups of maximum 4 people allowed);
    – Physical activity and outdoor training up to 4 people;
    – Opening of swimming pools;
    – Opening of golf courses.
  • 3rd Phase
    Restrictions implemented on 19 April, but maintained from 14 to 30 May in the municipalities of Arganil and Lamego
    – Opening of cinemas, theatres, auditoriums, concert halls;
    – Opening of all shops and shopping centres until 9 pm on working days and until 1 pm on weekends and public holidays;
    – Opening of restaurants, cafes, and bakeries until 10:30 pm on working days and until 1 pm on weekends and public holidays. Groups of 4 people are allowed inside or 6 people on terraces;
    – Physical activity and outdoor training up to 6 people;
    – Outdoor events allowed with reduced attendance.
  • 4th Phase – Measures implemented on May 1
    – Opening of restaurants, cafés, and pastry shops until 10.30 p.m. Groups of 6 people are allowed inside or 10 people on terraces;
    – Large outdoor and indoor events allowed with reduced occupancy.
    From May 13:
    – Fun fairs;
    – Private amusement parks;
    – Water parks.